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Style isn't just a superficial exploration. In this conversation, stylist Dacy Gillespie and Lola explore how clearing your closet and wearing your soul on your sleeve is actually deeply therapeutic and healing.

As a personal stylist, Dacy Gillespie intuitively guides her clients to discover what they feel best in. She helps them let go of the external messages they’ve been given about what they should wear and get to the heart of what’s making them uncomfortable about their clothes. Through their work building a functional wardrobe, Dacy’s clients make a mindset shift from thinking they need to wear what’s flattering to unapologetically taking up space in the world.

Dacy's an introvert, a highly-sensitive person, an INFJ, a Human Design projector, an empath, and a Cancer. While all that means that she's constantly overwhelmed by emotion and sensory overload, it also means that she's super-intuitive about seeing what’s going on with other people and super-empathetic, which comes in handy when clients have to get vulnerable with her.

After a lifetime of jobs in high-stress careers that didn’t suit her personality, Dacy started mindful closet in 2013 in an attempt to create a more emotionally sustainable lifestyle. She has two boys, ages 2 and 6, and a husband she adores who is well aware of her mental load.

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