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Do you ever crave to just "get away from it all"—for good? Well, Johanna and her family have done just that, and have found that living off the grid offers both nervous system peace AND little distraction from all the feels that we sensitive souls have access to. Listen in on this fascinating and fun conversation about disconnection from materialism, consumerism, and so many other "isms," all in the name of a brave, authentic, and simplified—but far from easy—lifestyle.

Johanna is an ecofeminist writer and collage artist. She is the author of fabulist novella Mama & the Hungry Hole (Wordcraft of Oregon, 2015) and the poetry chapbook, Gestation (Finishing Line Press, 2020). Her surrealist collages appear on the most recent covers of Stonecoast Review and Taos International Journal of Poetry and Art. Originally from New York, she creates from her off-grid strawbale home in northern New Mexico where she is spellbound by the energy vortex of Taos Mountain.

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