Grief Skills for Highly Sensitive People with Edy Nathan


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Loss can embed itself more deeply in the empath’s highly sensitive nervous system.

In this powerful and empowering conversation with Grief Therapist Edy Nathan, we talk about how to lean into our losses and heal our hearts.

Edy Nathan MA, LCSWR is an author, public speaker and licensed therapist. She brings a personal conversation to the topics of grief, loss and trauma as a survivor of abuse and the loss of her partner when she was in her 20’s. Edy’s expertise as a grief therapist is informed by her formal training as a psychotherapist as she interweaves this training with breathwork, guided imagery, ritual and storytelling. She sees grief as an Unexpected Ally, causing people to grow and learn from their losses. Edy earned degrees from New York University and Fordham University, with post-graduate training at the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy. Her book, “The Dance of Self-Discovery through Trauma and Loss” is used by many to help them navigate through the many phases of grief. Grief is a hero’s journey. You move from who you were into a new ordinary. She practices in New York City.

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