It's Contagious: A Playful Take On Pandemic Life with Lola and Tigre Pickett


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In this episode, get a backstage pass and listen in as Lola and Tigre reveal the creative project that saved their minds and kept their kids off their screens during quarantine.

Inventing It’s Contagious!™ helped their family stay connected and make the most of life in lockdown. Now, they’re intent on "super-spreading" the fun with an upcoming Kickstarter campaign (starting 11/16/20), so that families around the world can catch some hilarity in these uncertain times.
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Lola Pickett, Digital Entrepreneur and It’s Contagious!™ Co-Creator, brings her perspective-shifting writing skills and infectious enthusiasm to the project. She shares, “I hope that people will not only enjoy the fast and fun gameplay, but also giggle at the cards’ artwork and dare to appreciate how we’ve turned the strange and surreal situation of this pandemic into a light-hearted game that brings people together again.” When we can’t avoid a challenging time, Lola believes that there’s freedom and healing in finding creative ways to laugh, play, and stay connected through it all.

Tigre Pickett, Creative Director and It’s Contagious!™ Co-Creator brings his art direction, graphic design, and project management skills to the team, helping see through this massive undertaking amidst many other concurrent projects in their family business. Tigre envisions a world where toxic patterns and the endless stream of “bad news” get disrupted in surprisingly playful ways. He intends for this card game to offer a light and accessible option for families to unplug from their screens and fully enjoy the increased time they’re spending together at home right now.

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