Liberation is an Inside Job with Curtrice Goddard


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Don't put your personal liberation in the hands of others...

In this empowering conversation, Lola and Curtrice explore how to liberate yourself, light yourself up, and live true to yourself in these dark, tense, revolutionary times. You'll hear how she approaches, as a black woman, walking into "white" spaces and about the role of reclaiming our ancestral wisdom in our own liberation. You'll hear Lola's take on the roots of colonialism and how we can (and must) untangle ourselves from them.

If you've felt like you're giving your power away to others or that the world is not designed to support someone like you, then this episode is one you do NOT want to miss.

Curtrice Goddard is a Spiritual teacher, Female Leadership Mindset Coach, Speaker, Energy Facilitator, Holistic Health Coach, and Business Development Consultant. She brings passion and innovation to self-development and spiritual teachings as a catalyst to help people live beyond self-inflicted limitations, constructs, and external circumstances. She is a guide for those on an evolutionary spiritual path. Her expertise spans leadership development, holistic health, business strategy, social impact initiatives, and collaborative innovation. She has developed and directed a variety of programs covering leadership, mindset growth, wellness, personal resilience, leadership development, strategic thinking, and personal transformation. Her programs incorporate experiential learning, mindfulness, transcendentalism, resilience, and holistic mind-body practices.

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