Preventing & Recovering from Burnout with Shirley Zhou


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Burnout and adrenal fatigue are very common for HSPs and empaths to experience and they can have a negative impact on our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

In this conversation with Shirley Zhou, we talk about where burnout comes from, signs that you're on the cusp of burnout, and how to recover from it when it happens.

Plus, we'll explore ways to prevent it from happening in the first place, which becomes possible when we've got the resilience to de-program ourselves from identifying with being busy and giving too much to the wrong people.

Shirley Zhou is the Co-founder and Head of People & Happiness at The Burnout Clinic.

The Burnout Clinic combines a 2-day clinical intervention with tropical vacations to stop burnout at the root cause. In her private coaching practice she helps womxn stop the painful cycles of anxiety, imposter syndrome, trauma and burnout.

Shirley empowers women business owners and leaders under high pressure to achieve work-life harmony and live their joy.

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