Resilient Rockstar: Follow the Thread of Purpose with Edy Sayles


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One of the most important results students receive from my EMPATH*ology™ course is learning to TRUST their purpose... and Edy is one of those students.

Edy is daring to re-imagine style and fashion, creating cutting edge designs that are just as un-mainstream (but down to earth) as she is. By learning how to support her nervous system in Empathology this Spring, she has been able to show up more visibly online, more courageously with her designs, and trust her intuition when it comes to it all.

Listen in to my encouraging, inspiring conversation with Edy Sayles about what becomes possible when you embrace the gifts of your sensitivity through the work that we offer in EMPATH*ology™.

Edy is an empathic wearable art designer who sees the act of adornment as an expression of how we feel about ourselves. She uses her love of all things meaningful and mystical along with double decade’s worth of sewing and design skills to create pieces that reflect the messy and spiritual processes of finding self-love, self-acceptance, and self-expression, while reaching for parts of ourselves that might currently only be available in the realm of imagination.

She is learning how to accept, love, and harness her gifts and wants to help people use clothing as an embodiment tool to embrace and reflect their own divinity. She is fascinated by the ways our daily dress choices affect what we perceive as our identity and how that translates to what we believe is possible in our lives. She is currently dreaming up new projects in hopes of stitching together her passion for self-reflection, trauma healing, empath empowerment, and emotional embodiment through creative dress.

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