Self Love, Lockdowns, and Living True with Aubree Nichols


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What does Self Love actually look like in our daily lives?

How do we love ourselves and each other better in such challenging times? Lola sat down with Self Love explorer, writer, and influencer Aubree Nichols for this very vulnerable, very casual convo about opening to living and loving more fully when it could be temping to shut down instead.

Aubree has a black belt in truth-telling. She hails from Texas, but this feminine feminist finds comfort in the sunshine, green juice and hellacious traffic of Los Angeles, California. Her writing for The Week, Observer and Elite Daily has made her a resonant voice in the self-love movement, which she believes is the ultimate love story. That said, the pioneer of mobile dating is swiping right in hopes of finding her S.O. She believes that love can change the world.

She has a M.A. in Organizational Change, and for her day job she cultivates community and ignites creativity within organizations with her proprietary workshop, Stoked!.

If she's not drinking coffee, dancing to Beyoncé or writing, she is thinking about drinking coffee, dancing to Beyoncé or writing.

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