Teamwork and Leadership as an Empath with Tasha Booth


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Tasha and I connected at a conference in early 2020, and hit it off when my work with supporting Empaths and HSPs through their overwhelm struck a cord. In this conversation, we talk about how to get support at work as an empath, as well as how to support other Highly Sensitive team members in offering their best work. If you've struggled with team dynamics before (either as a team member or team leader), this conversation is full of nuggets to help you create a far more powerful, supportive, and sensitive-friendly team environment.

TASHA BOOTH is a highly sought-after speaker and podcast host whose global platform has reached hundreds of thousands of people. In her journey from struggling virtual assistant tired of living an ‘ordinary’ life on someone else’s terms to multi-six-figure agency owner, Tasha’s determination and commitment have inspired listeners worldwide and helped thousands of women figure out how to make the life they craved a reality.

Whether she’s leading her team of 20+ to support established coaches and course creators as Founder and CEO of The Launch Guild – the digital support agency for leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a mark on the world, coaching virtual support professionals as they start and scale their own business, or hosting the ‘How She Did That’ podcast for VAs, OBMs, and project managers, Tasha’s passion is helping other entrepreneurs live more fully in their zone of genius.

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