Wrong, Right, and Real: The Art of Asking Questions with Dyana Valentine


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Is there such thing as a "bad question"? We're often told that there isn't... And while that might be somewhat true, there ARE more (and less) powerful questions to ask of ourselves and others... Questions that can interrupt and interfere with ingrained patterns and default settings. Questions that can stimulate intimacy with ourselves and others. Are you interested in asking more powerful questions, or as Dyana calls them, REAL questions?

Learn how to tell the difference for yourself, and receive your own "divine interference" as Dyana oh so lovingly interferes with Lola's questions and word choices.

Dyana Valentine uses their dreams and waking visions to help The People however they can, so others can help themselves and others.

They do this work because Creator and their Helpers invited them to do so in April 2011. Dyana calls it “the work,” or “this work,” because they don’t do it alone, and it’s not theirs, but for us all.

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