1: Use your past experiences and interests to provide value to your team and customers (Monette Sommers, Senior Product Specialist - SurveyMonkey)


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Throughout your career journey, you'll likely find aspects of different roles and project that speak to you both in terms of interests and skills.

With your transition into tech, you'll have the opportunity to find a role and contribute value to your team in a unique manner based on your personal background.

Monette Sommers has done exactly that in her career and share her tips and strategies for how you too can experience enjoyment through employment by bundling your unique set of skills.

While Monette's experience has positioned her for success in her role, her drive to keep growing and learning allows her to continue exploring new opportunities and ways to experience empjoyment.

Listen now to learn how to:
  • Identify a customer-centric platform and the ways businesses in tech are leveraging that to meet client desires and drive profits
  • Position yourself to be chosen for stretch projects to help you add more tangible experience to your career story
  • Take you past experience to add new value to new teams in different ways
From Insight to Action

"If you want to be, do." - John Lee Dumas

Monette walked us through a few examples of where she "raised her hand" to get exposure to something new

Your Joyney: Let us know "What project, type of work, or person would like you learn more about as you move to the next stage of your career, and you will do in the next 2 weeks to put yourself in a position to gain that experience "within the Empjoyment Community.

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