10: Navigating your career in tech through multiple reorgs (Angela Christian, Account Manager – VenueBook)


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Re-organizations (more commonly called “re-orgs”) are a common occurrence in tech companies as they grow and adapt to accomplish better meet product and market fit. These reorgs may result in a shift in team structure, priorities, and often the day to day roles. Knowing how to navigate the ambiguity and ultimately continue to make the most of your time at a company for both you and your employer is an important skill to strengthen in the tech world.

Angela Christian walks us through her journey in tech which more or less starts with a re-org and the steps that she’s taken since to progress in her career and add value. So much value in fact, that she has been able to work remotely between two cities throughout her career.

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Listen now to learn Angela’s:

  • Top strategies for growing through reorgs and changes to your role
  • Approaches to building skills in a new role quickly
  • Highest criteria when she hires new team members
  • Method of dealing with a lot rejection while looking for a new job and her universal recommendations to get through that as quickly as possible
  • Process to build (and maintain) trust with your teams to afford you extra additional flexibility (remote working in her case)


From Insight to Action:

Angela stressed the importance of demonstrated self-motivation and growth without required to do so for people she hires. Let’s explore the various ways we can accomplish that as a community.

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