11: Turning a 7 year Gap into Tech Career Success (Adele Sanchez, VP of Partner Success)


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Q: How do you transition into tech when you've had a long gap in US employment or have been out of the country for a while?

A: Use what you did during that time to your advantage by incorporating it into your story and your differentiated value proposition.

Our featured Empjoyee, Adele Sanchez did just that as she shares in today's conversation. This is not intended to be an over-glorification of the gap period, as Adele took steps to make an impact during that time.

Instead, we encourage you to explore how Adele positioned her experience abroad and leveraged it to to her advantage when she returned to the US. And now, you'll have the opportunity to shape your experiences in a way that works to your advantage too.


Listen now to learn how Adele:
  • Hires and develops career changers with non-technical backgrounds to career success
  • Leverages her 7-year gap living in Bangkok to obtain a job in tech during one of the worst US employment markets
  • Navigates a career that started as a gate agent at an airline to growing with an organization
From Insight to Action

Adele encourages us to open ourselves to opportunities throughout your career journey. Let's explore how that could come to life for you and the other Empjoyees.

Your Joyney: Tell us about a time when you allowed yourself to just be open to the possiblibilities that presented themselves in your career including the results of making that decision within the Empjoyment Community.

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