15: The 3 X-Factors that differentiate candidates regardless of tech background (Patrick Burke, Senior Director of Product and Analytics, Scientific Games Interactive)


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As Empjoyees, we're not about following the same path to success as others.

We're about finding the best path for you and blazing a trail where you don't have to compete with others to transition into tech.

Instead, you're in a whole league of your own.

Patrick Burke, our featured Empjoyee today, shares his views on what really makes people enter their our differentiated league as well as what holds many qualified people from progressing forward in interviews.


Listen now to learn Patrick's take on:

  • The 3 intrinsic values that are more important than pure talent and experience when hiring
  • Maintaining a level of urgency without creating a high-burn environment
  • Getting a job at a tech company in cities that typical tech hubs

From Insight to Action

Patrick shares his take on the 3 X-factors that he believes are an indicator of true ability for long-term success in tech.

Your Joyney: Share your take as to why these three factors lend themselves to career growth for transitioning career changers within the Empjoyment Community.

And if you don't agree with this, come tell us why - we grow through exploration, and welcome a meaningful and impactful discussion.

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