19: Apply Your Existing Industry Knowledge to Start Your Career in Tech (Liz Sanders – Information Systems Project Manager, New York-Presbyterian Hospital)


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Have you thought about how valuable your industry experience can be within the tech world? We’re not just talking for startups and new tech companies, but throughout any type of organization. Often times, a background within a specific industry can prove a great differentiator for you as a candidate, and an immense value-add for employers. The best part is that this can be leveraged with or without technical skills or interest!

Liz Sanders, today’s featured Empjoyee, shares with us how her background as a pharmacist and in healthcare positioned her to play a much needed role driving digital tech projects as an Information Systems project manager for a large healthcare system.


Full episode notes found here: https://empjoyment.com/lizsanders

Listen now to learn how Liz:
  • Leverages her past experience in healthcare as a retail pharmacist to bridge gaps between multiple functions within a large hospital system
  • Applies an agile project management mindset to bring time-saving applications to doctors and nurses in a fraction of the time of more traditional methods
  • Describes real-life challenges and opportunities specific to the healthcare industry and how her background outside of tech uniquely positioned her to help solve them
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