4: It's OK not to know when you're transitioning into tech (Katie Sawyer, Content Marketing Manager - Eventbrite)


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Interested in putting your skills and passion for writing to good use in tech? Are you prone to find ways to connect and build relationships with people through text?

Regardless of your writing background and aspirations, today's episode with Katie Sawyer, Content Marketing Manager at Eventbrite, is bound to shed some light on how you can truly delight customers in tech through content marketing.

Katie spends time shining a light on some of the myths and misconceptions that she had when she was transitioning into tech and offers us all a way to feel comfortable realizing that "It's OK not to know".


By the end of this episode, you'll be able to:
  • Describe what a content calendar is and at least one method to building and managing a calendar
  • Articulate how content marketing managers interact with other members of the organization to create relevant blogs and articles for target customers
  • Discuss the difference in process and timeline on being on a team of writers in a fast-pace tech environment as opposed to other industries writing at a high-level

Learn more through the full episode notes over at https://empjoyment.com/katiesawyer

From Insight to Action

Katie pointed out how important having a system (even a low-key one like post-it notes) to keep yourself on track are in order to keep up with the fast-paced nature of tech companies.

Your Joyney: Share your system of staying organized to keep yourself on track to short deadlines (3-6 months aka 1-2 quarters) within the Empjoyment Community (pictures encouraged - let's get some ideas on systems we can adopt).

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