5: Reframe Your Problems to Solve them Faster (Jon Fosdick, Software Engineer - AppNexus)


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Jon Fosdick's journey is one of perseverance and making consistent strides towards an overall goal: to become a software engineer. We're happy to share that at the time of this recording, he was just transitioning into his first role as a software engineer.

Leveraging a computer science major from years passed, he harnessed his skills on-the-job as a testing analyst writing scripts to test the code written by other developers. The road there wasn't easy or brief, but Jon takes the time to walk us through each step of the way there.

Listen now to learn Jon’s:

  • Journey from IT Consultant through Testing Quality Analyst to his goal of software engineer
  • Metaphor on puzzles and problem-solving
  • Approach to doing the work you love even when you're not in your dream role
  • Method to reframing problems to in a way that fills him
  • Toughest lesson learned while transitioning to a new role and his mindset to push through mental barriers
  • Definitions of "code base" and "code review"

From Insight to Action:

Jon pointed out the importance of your resume containing "evidence to suggest" that you'll be good for the job, which is particularly important for career changers.

Your Quest: Share one thing on your resume that provides "evidence to suggest" that you have relevant experience for the role that you want. If it's not on your resume yet, let us know how you plan to build that experience in your current role using Jon's suggestion on finding one way to demonstrate your readiness for the role within the Empjoyment Community.

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