9: Don't let sunk costs and fear of the unknown keep you from your dreams (Leslie Lai, Software Developer)


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Let's face it: making a career change when you've invested a lot just to get to where you are currently can feel really scary.

To take things further, transitioning into a brand new industry can make the fear of the unknown (and whether you're making a good choice) even more overwhelming.

We get it, we've been there, and we've got Leslie Lai's story to help you navigate that path to a place of personal fulfillment.

Leslie holds nothing back as she shares the resistance she faced while transitioning out of a career in law to tech.

Listen now to learn how Leslie:
  • Built new skills through a coding bootcamp which landed her a job as a software developer, a role she's using to get to her next destination of product manager
  • Found a group of supportive friends and mentors who encouraged her to pursue the career and lifestyle she desired
  • Classified 3 do's/don'ts that you can apply to get your next role in tech

From Insight to Action

Leslie shared that companies consider the risk involved with hiring someone for their organization and recommended several ways for you to reduce the perception of risk during your job search.

Your Joyney: Let us know "What is one thing you've done or have seen done that you feel has someone more comfortable / reduced the risk associated with you when taking on a new role or project"within the Empjoyment Community.

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