Keep Your Upbringing or Past Relationships From Sabotaging Your Relationship Now Episode 97


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Ever have those times in your relationship where things are going great, and then BAM... something sabotages it. You might not have identified it as sabotage, but that’s often what it is and it shows up as a pattern from your past!

Sabotaging behaviors keep you and your partner from experiencing: more love, more joy, more connection, more intimacy and more fulfillment together. So yea, sabotage is no fun.

In this episode, we dive into how emotional events from either your upbringing or past relationships can/is impacting your relationship now.

But here’s what’s taking this to the next level….we also dive into how those past events lead to subtle forms of sabotaging behavior. Before you think, “oh, I don’t do anything sabotaging,” take a listen and hear some behaviors that you might not have noticed before, that could be keeping your relationship in the same place rather than growing.

This is a powerful episode for you to reflect on individually and discuss together. Plus you will get a process to identify what these patterns are, where they come from, and what to do to change them.

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