3 Needs Men Have, But Rarely Vocalize to Their Partner: Episode 135


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You got into your relationship for one big reason… LOVE. More specifically to have the experience of being loved unconditionally by your partner. Yet this doesn’t always happen right? Especially for men to show up as, and express, unconditional love.

Now does this mean something is wrong? No not at all. BUT it is a sign that one of 3 major needs of men are not being met. This is not to put pressure on you, the partner of a man, because often men do not even realize, let alone vocalize, any of these needs to you as their partner. So what to do?

Well, listen to this podcast episode! In this episode you will hear what the 3 needs are that are critical for men, that often are not even expressed. Then once you know and can have these conversations, men (either you or your partner) will be able to feel that you can give all the love to your partner that they need, even unconditionally!

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