Attacking Rare Disease IgA Nephropathy at the Source in the Gut with Renee Agular-Lucander Calliditas Therapeutics TRANSCRIPT


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Renee Agular-Lucander is CEO of Calliditas Therapeutics a Sweden-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the rare kidney disease IgA nephropathy. While there is a genetic predisposition for this autoimmune disease, it is still not clear what triggers the condition and there is no current cure.

Renee talks about:

  • Lead drug candidate Nefecon which starts at the top of the disease cascade in the ileum part of the small intestine. Delivering this disease-modifying agent directly interrupts and disrupts the beginning of the disease
  • How clinical trial data is showing the value of addressing the gut-renal axis and treating this indication in an organ-specific way
  • Other orphan indications that might benefit from this approach
  • What the FDA priority review of Nefecon potentially means for the 1 in every 4 adults with IgAN who will eventually succumb to kidney failure.

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