Informed Choices Change Model for Transporting Patients with Dr. Richard Watson Motient TRANSCRIPT


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Dr. Richard Watson is a Co-Founder of Motient and has taken on the challenge of creating an efficient solution to solve the puzzle of how to move patients from one place to another with a focus on rural healthcare and rural hospitals. Motient was founded as a medical transport company that did air and ground transport. They have now created Mission Control which is even more critical in this time of the Delta resurgence to help manage decisions in the care of all patients.

Richard says, "The sending facility environment is different than the receiving facility. That's different from the EMS transport people. And everybody's got their head down doing solid work, but the idea that we could actually link arms and make that work better, improve the outcomes, improve patient care. I don't think that was something that was the focus. I mean, we're too busy measuring other things in the system to understand how that affects patient care. But every aspect of quality and sustainability is affected how patients move in the system."

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