Using Skunkworks Approach to Get More Drugs Through the Pipeline with Mike Rea Protodigm TRANSCRIPT


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Mike Rea is the Founder and CEO of IDEA Pharma and Founder of Protodigm, created to develop a new way of progressing drug development. With a fundamental understanding of what goes wrong in early-stage pharmaceutical development, Mike is eager to do more diverse opportunity-seeking for assets in early phase trials. The skunkworks model draws decision and data scientists as well as the pharma people to think outside the box.

As Mike says "But I think often in drug development, you get the silos, and people are encouraged to play nicely within the silos. The idea of taking a group of loosely structured, enthusiastic people creating an affinity group that focuses on what could you do differently for an asset, doesn't happen and it's quite hard to do within the confines of the organization."

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