ERP 265: How to Break Through Relationship Fears with Your SO - an Interview with Georgia Morley and Silver Storic


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In today's episode, Georgia, Silver, and I chat about how to take a different perspective with your partner, how to know each other more deeply and have the ability to cultivate intimacy in relationship.

Prior to meeting, Georgia hadn’t thrived in relationships and Silver had essentially written them off completely. When Silver and Georgia entered into relationship, they decided to start to open up to each other as never before. They recorded every conversation and used their talking points to create their first book together.

We often aren't taught intimacy in our life. It can be helpful to reflect on which patterns are healthy and which are not. Then, you can practice shifting out of the unhealthy patterns, so that you can give yourself room to grow in relationship.

Listen in to learn how to hold space for each other in a relationship; self-development works as it applies to building your relationship with others and peering into a new relationship or aspect of your life.

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Georgia Morley is an Emotional Resilience Coach,CBT, relationship mentor with over 10 years experience working with women around addiction, physical and emotional body health, developmental trauma and sexual reclamation after abuse.

Silver Storic is an Author and Mentor boldly showing up as a Global Connection Ambassador, leading workshops and keynotes on Radical Truth and recovery from codependency. Silver co-authored the Amazon bestseller Better Business, Better Life, Better World - The Movement.

Together, Georgia & Silver share their life's work of freedom from codependent themes and painful relationship patterns that oppress relationships and keep couples from experiencing true intimacy in partnership.

In this episode, Georgia, Silver, & Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss:

  • How to live a life of fulfillment and love
  • The types of confines we put on our relationships
  • How Georgia and Silver co-created their ideal relationship together
  • The three elements of relationship
  • Why wounds and trauma show up in our adult relationship
  • Changing the somatic and cognitive experiences of your life
  • Losing perspective of yourself and your relationship
  • Acknowledging toxic aspects and relationships as unhealthy patterns
  • How to have love leadership in your relationship
  • Creating healthy practices for yourself and your relationship
  • Living inside the feeling of discomfort


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