#Ep. 26: How blockchain is revolutionizing the real estate experience in Dubai


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Ahmed and Faisal host Khalifa Alsuwaidi, CEO of Emirates Real Estate Solutions (ERES).

The episode starts with Khalifa introducing himself and his experiecne in the real estate sector and how ERES was founded and how it relates to the Dubai Land Department (DLD). He touches upon the strategic objectives of ERES and the engagement model with DLD.

History of blockchain in real estate

Khalifa then elaborates on how DLD and ERES began their exploration in blockchain and understanding how it could potnetially transform the real estate sector in Dubai. How they began their benchmarking process and worked closely with Smart Dubai and other government entities to put a clear roadmap for blockchain implementations.

The ecosystem & current implementations

Ahmed asks the guest to explain in more details the ecosystem of real estate. Khalifa explains all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem and how transactions are flowing; from developers to buyers to brokers to sellers and so on. He then explains how ERES developed the roadmap to design and implement solutions and products to cater for the needs of the market and different stakeholders and faciliate easier experiences. The guest also explains the main pillars and modules that are in the roadmap for ERES reaching 2020.

Moving forward

The hosts then touch upon 2019 and beyond plans of ERES and the main challeneges that are expected to be tackled moving forward. Khalifa explains challenges related to collaboration, capabilities and technical aspects.

As you can see, we talked about a lot of things and so all of the above and more will be on this week’s episode of Encrypted!

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