#Ep. 33: Revisiting the 2019 Global Blockchain Challenge in Dubai


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In this episode, we cover the SDO Global Blockchain Challenge which was showcased in the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

Out of the 700+ applications, only 20 finalists were flown to Dubai with a chance to pitch their ideas and where only three can be crowned winners do receive cash prizes.

We first speak with Karin Gabriel, a Project Lead at the Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA), who explains to us what the DFA is and its role within the Dubai Government, and also what the Global Blockchain Challenege is all about.

We then spoke with 6 of the finalists to learn more about what they’re doing and what their projects are! These include:
-TE-Food (Supply chain management for food traceability)
-Bluechain (Digitizing and optimising the industrial management process and operation)
-Quantstamp (Blockchain agnostic protocol which secures smart contracts)
-Ole Sports (Making football fairer and tokenising the aspects of the football experience)
-PO8 (Marine archelogy start-up that is tokenising underwater assets)
-Akita Blockchain Solutions (Building tangible prototypes and products based on blockchain)

We wish we could have sat down with all 20 start-ups, but the above 6 just showcases how diverse the finals were.

The competition took place on Wednesday 3rd April and the winners were announced during the Future Blockchain Summit -
Congratulations to:
Quantstamp (1st place)
iGrowChain (2nd place)
GrayBlock Power (3rd place).

We hope you enjoy!!!

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Special Guest: Karin Gabriel.

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