#Ep. 39: Tezos: Past, Present and Future. With Hubertus Thonhauser


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In this episode, Ahmed and Nic speak to Hubertus Thonhauser, Founding Partner of Enabling Future and a Board Member of the Tezos Foundation.

Hubertus, who was part of the Tezos Foundation board transformation and is currently very active on Tezos operations, speaks to us about how he became involved in the project and gives a rundown on the early days of Tezos, its present status and also the future outlook.

He shares why Tezos was initially created, how they completed a mega crowdsale and the key features that distinguish Tezos from the rest. We also touch on the issues that the Tezos Foundation faced following the fundraise and how the team acted accordingly.

We also talk about the verticals in enterprise that Tezos will initially tackle which are: Digital Assets, Mobility and Gaming. And yes, Tezos are creating their own token security standard under the Digital Assets vertical, so do make sure to watch this space!

Hubertus being an investor himself at Enabling Future, shares his investment experience in both the start-up sphere and blockchain/crypto sphere and what he typically looks out for in projects.

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Special Guest: Hubertus Thonhauser .

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