#Ep. 56: Cre8ting a future of music artists


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Nic Watson and Ahmed Al Balaghi co-host todays episode with a Millennial angle, with guest star Erik Mendelson, a music executive with Grammy Award Winning artists under his belt.

We discuss how the record industry is not paying it forwards to the artists and creative teams involved in music production and how blockchain through Tune Token and Cre8tor app will enable a fair share of earnings.

Learn about:

  • Their journey to securing recognition in technology
  • Gaining momentum with music industry executives
  • Onboarding and recognising tomorrows future artists
  • Using blockchain tech where it matters
  • Why being completely decentralised is not a reality

We also have some fun with music industry stories that involve millennials, rock stars, chickens, tents, blockchain and “wasta”.

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Special Guest: Erik Mendelson.

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