#Ep. 59: Regulating Crypto in the GCC - The Lowdown


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In this episode, we sit down with lawyers to pick their brains and know how about regulation surrounding blockchain and crypto in the region. Karm Legal is a home grown legal practice based out of the UAE focusing on Fintech and blockchain.

On the show we have Kokila Alagh, Founder of Karm Legal and Akshata Namjoshi, Senior Associate at Karm Legal speaking to us.

We discuss:

  • How progressive the implementation of regulation has been
  • Comparing regulations/initiatives around ADGM, DIFC, ESCA and Central Bank of Bahrain
  • The recent public consultation paper issued by ESCA
  • How to enter the MENA market from a regulatory and strategic standpoint? What licenses should companies look at? How as a company entering the region should we label ourselves?
  • How long it takes companies to graduate from a sandbox?
  • International regulatory landscape
  • Why Karm Legal are bullish on security tokens?

Nic also asks his usual bunch of futuristic ‘What if’ questions which results in inspired answers and we also diverge into other Fintech topics too.

Special Guests: Akshata Namjoshi and Kokila Alagh.

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