#Ep. 65: Covid19 Special - A Pandemic of Fake News


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In this Covid19 special, we have an interesting discussion on how this pandemic became widespread with the advent of lies and fake news.

Our special guest, Arwen Smit, walks us through a few eye opening topics in times like this:

  • Three questions regarding lies:
  • How strong is a lie?
  • Who can the lie reach?
  • How to sever the link between the two

  • Taxonomy of “fake news”: Mis-information, Mal-information, Dis-information

  • What type of fake news was spread during the outbreak and where does it fit in?

  • Is Corona virus used to push adversarial narratives?

  • What are the Debunked stories regarding Corona?

  • How can we solve these problems moving forward? What role does tech have to play?

All this and more on this week's episode of Encrypted!

Special Guest: Arwen Smit.

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