#Ep. 68: Digital Keynote - A Global Economic Crisis is Looming, Now the Time for Blockchain to Leave Self Isolation


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Encrypted is excited to partner up with the Future Blockchain Summit who have recently held their first ever Digital Keynote! Digital Keynote, a live webinar series dedicated to tackling and exploring the world of Blockchain. Join us as we discuss with foremost experts from around the globe and break down topics such as Blockchain Development, Use cases, Tokenization , Sustainability, Business Networks and more.

In this episode of Encrypted, we are sharing the Digital Keynote as a podcast on our channel, to share with our community and audience! In this episode we have superstar speakers from the United Nations, Ant Financial and Swedish Government, moderated by a world-famous radio host & TEDx Speaker all debating on how Blockchain technology will be leveraged to fight the economic collapse caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key takeaways from this panel includes:

  1. Innovation and adoption has to come from both government/public sector and the private sector
  2. Actual serious adopotion after pilot project/demos is still low
  3. Blockchain has a marketing problem

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Special Guests: Ben Treganna, David Suomalainen, Ken Rutkowski, and Tony Sun.

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