#Ep. 71: The Nod of Approval - How Bitt pioneered the world's first concept of a blockchain Central Bank Digital Currency


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In this episode, we uncover the story of how Barbados set its sights on creating a digital dollar and how this set the course for a legal central bank digital currency across the Caribbean.

We speak to 3 amazing guests, Dr. Delisle Worrell (the Former Governor of the Barbados Central Bank), Gabriel Abed (Founder of Bitt.com) and Simon Chantry (CBDO at Bitt.com). The three share with us stories from the past of how Bitt.com came about, how the idea of a Central Bank Digital Currency came to light and how Dr. Delisle Worrell as the Governor of the Central Bank gave Gabriel and his team the nod of approval to build out this concept.

We dive deeper into how the events unfolded over the years, what the future holds for CBCDs and how Bitt.com plans to implement CBDCs across the Caribbean.

All this and more on this episode of Encrypted!
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Special Guests: Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Gabriel Abed, and Simon Chantry.

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