#Ep. 73: Blending Securities and Defi - Bringing reg tech into CEFI & DEFI


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Todays episode is a great mix of enterprise scaling of tokenised securities and the blending with DeFi. We have the co-founders from Securrency, a leading blockchain and crypto technology platform helping transform the digital securities industry.

Having started this journey long before ICOs/IEOs and many of form of security or utilities tokens starting gaining steam, John Hensel and Dan Doney began their journey to build their interoperable and very versatile financial supply chain infrastructure.

With a big focus on compliance and meeting regulatory requirements they are leading the way in enabling cross chain, cross border and cross regulation movement. And with the growth in DeFi and CeFi they are well positioned to be ready for the future of digital finance across the globe.

This is absolutely the episode for you if you are looking to know more about becoming friends with regulators and building long term visions for you blockchain and fintech business.

We hope you enjoy the episode and many thanks again to our wonderful sponsor, CoinsApp! You can find out more at https://coins.app/

Special Guests: Dan Doney and John Hensel.

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