#Ep. 74: Build it and they will come - How one firm is designing chain infrastructure to enable you to scale


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In this episode we have special guest Joe Lallouz, CEO and Co-founder of Bison Trails.

In this talk, we deep dive into what running a remote company is like, the transition from physical to remote, how to maintain strong leadership virtually, and more importantly how to retain talent (and how to peacefully allow your good ones to leave if they have an entrepreneurial bug!) There were so many awesome nuggets shared by Joe in this episode even way before we talked about crypto!

On the crypto side, Joe dives into what Bison Trails are doing and how they are helping to achieve a robust infrastructure set up to ensure blockchains can be easily secured and anyone can easily set up and run a node! This core infrastructure is crucial to the development and uptake of blockchain networks, where we learn how Bison Trails are leading the pack in this area.

So many things and more in this episode of Encrypted!

This is absolutely the episode for you if you are looking to know more about running a remote company, leading in a virtual world, a crypto entrepreneur or a project/fund/exchange needing core infrastructure services.

We hope you enjoy the episode and many thanks again to our wonderful sponsor, CoinsApp! You can find out more at https://coins.app/

Special Guest: Joe Lallouz.

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