EP Podcast #107 w/ special guest Mackenzie Greer - Aquarius Season 2021


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Welcome to this edition of the EP podcast on “Aquarius Season 2021” - where Mackenzie Greer of Mack and the Zodiac and I break down this year’s action-packed Aquarius season with its many signatures that will really bring to focus the concentrated Aquarius vibe that is being put to the collective table! We ruminate on what this energy will mean both in the worldly sphere and in our personal lives, and how big daddy Saturn will be the end all be all of this planetary chain. Listen in as we discuss the key dates of this 30-day period, the sign’s archetypes, a few corresponding myths, and my retelling of a meditation that concentrates on non-attachment. We do hope you enjoy the program! Visit Mack: https://www.mackandthezodiac.com/ IG @mackandthezodiac Mel & Energetic Principles: Website: https://www.energeticprinciples.com/ Courses: https://www.learningthestars.com/ IG @energeticprinciples To donate to Stormie Grace’s Astrology YouTube University Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stormieg08/stormie-grace-youtube-astrology-university-2021?ref=project_link

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