How to Produce Funny Sales Videos with Joseph Wilkins


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I’m sure we all recognise the power in humour when it comes to engaging people through video but if you’re like me, the idea of trying to be funny in a corporate video makes me cringe, as I know that although it’s incredibly powerful it’s also incredibly hard to get right.

But getting this balance between humour and sales right is exactly what my guest today has achieved, and he’s built his company off the back of it.

My guest today is Joseph Wilkins - Founder of Funny Sales and Host of the podcast How to Make a Video Go Viral.

Joseph Wilkins founded ProCreative Studios in 2000, an agency that produced infomercials, TV commercials and web sales videos. Joseph directed thousands of videos for clients including Google, Linkedin, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs, Chevrolet & Home Depot.

As viewing habits shifted away from TV, Joseph launched where his team now creates attention-grabbing "viral style" sales videos that entertain viewers into action.

With two decades experience, hundreds of millions of broadcast and online views and over $50 MILLION in tracked sales attributed to his content… Joseph clearly knows the secret to Funny Sales Videos and so I wanted to bring him on the show for you today.

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