Video Strategy 101 (Part 5) Optimisation


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In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast I’m sharing Part 5 of my special 7-part mini series called Video Strategy 101. We’re going to be talking about the fifth element for an effective online video strategy which is… optimisation.

Optimisation of video content is the process of ensuring that the content is found and engaged with online, and with over 500 hours of new video content being uploaded to YouTube alone every 60 seconds, being found is often the hardest part to building an effective strategy. At this point I must stress that optimisation is not the most important factor to consider to ensure that videos are getting watched, a distribution strategy will be much more effective at driving content engagement than any search engine optimisation ever will. That said, without the right optimisation strategies applied to your client’s video content they’ll be missing out on any possibility of benefit that their content strategy will bring to their brand’s overall digital footprint.

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