Episode 107: Christina Hu on the importance of minority civic engagement to democracy


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On this episode of the en(gender)ed podcast, our guest is Christina Hu, a documentary filmmaker, former Peace Corps volunteer, and former Regional GOTV Director in Virginia for President Obama’s re-election campaign. In 2019, Christina joined the Taiwanese American Citizen’s League’s (TACL) National Board as Director of Civic Engagement to help lead the Census 2020 Initiative. We speak with Christina today about the importance of civic engagement and inclusion in a democractic society and the role of Asian-Americans and Pacific-Islanders as a political force for achieving equality.

During our conversation, Christina and I referenced the following resources and topics:

  • What inspired Christina to become civically engaged
  • The history of democracy in Taiwan, from martial law and the period of "white terror" to the present
  • The importance of the Census 2020 to minority representation and within the Asian-American community, in particular
  • Asian-American Federation Group
  • What civic engagement means to Christina and the kinds of activities she offers to the community to consider in addition to traditional forms of activism
  • The role of civic engagement to uphold a democracy
  • The trend of Asian-Americans to move towards the left
  • AAPI polling on a range of government and policy issues
  • The importance of Asian-Black solidarity in achieving racial justice and why Asian-Americans should support Black Lives Matter
  • The significance of Andrew Yang's candidacy to Asian-American Pacific Islander representation
  • The reaction to Andrew Yang's OpEd to the Washington Post on anti-Asian violence during COVID-19


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