Episode 108: Feminism in the Age of COVID-19 Conference on Domestic Violence


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On this episode of the en(gender)ed podcast, we broadcast the recorded panel between Jillian Foster, Fariba Nawa, and Teri Yuan for the June 12, 2020 Feminism in COVID Conference series, sponsored by the Continuum Collective and co-sponsored by the Engendered Collective and the On Spec podcast. Jillian moderates a conversation on how COVID-19 has impacted the work we are doing in the United States and in Muslim societies and how different societies deal with violence against women, especially as it relates to varying conceptions of feminism. Our conversation delves into the role of faith leaders in the lives of survivors, the notion of accountability and how it is manifest in these different regions, and why it's important to have a feminist lens for interrogating violence and oppression.

During our conversation, Jillian, Fariba, and Teri referenced the following resources and topics:


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