Episode 111: en(gender)ed Reflections on the gendered impact of COVID-19


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In this "Reflections" episode,Teri and Michael reflect back on episodes on the gendered impact of COVID-19: Episode 96: Laura Ramirez of Af3irm on decolonizing “sex work,” Episode 97: #SurvivorStories Series with “Carol” on parenting with an abuser during COVID-19, Episode 99: Martin Hultman on misogyny and masculinities on climate change denial, Episode 100: #SurvivorStories Series with Nicole Lee on domestic abuse with a disability, Episode 101: Nazir Afzal on COVID-19 or the coronavirus’ impact on domestic violence, Episode 102: Jen Kamel on COVID-19’s impact on pregnancy and reproductive rights, and Episode 108: Feminism in the Age of COVID-19 Conference on Domestic Violence.

During our conversation, Michael and I touched upon the following resources in our conversation:


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