Episode 181: EwK181 - Lauryn Bradley’s tips on communicating well to make a good impression and build strong business relationships with customers


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Today I’m bringing you an interview with my friend and business mentor, Lauryn Bradley. Lauryn Bradley is one of the UK’s leading business strategists. Think of Lauryn as the epitome of understated brilliance. No fanfare. Just results. She has owned, started, scaled and sold global businesses for herself and her clients for almost 30 years. Lauryn is an introvert entrepreneur, prefers an easy life and is a cheerleader for building social equity. Lauryn is an online business mentor + trained consultant, not a business coach, so unlike most coaches, Lauryn has the practical experience and geek-ery to show you how to grow your business to 7 figures and beyond. Here are some of the points that we explore in our conversation: •Good communication as a way to build relationships •Communicating well to make a good first impression •Responding to and learning from negative feedback •Making sure that auto-responders and those who work for you are following your brand’s communication style •Lauryn’s resources to support women business owners. For all the links and extra information, come over to the show notes page: https://englishwithkirsty.com/podcast/episode181

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