EBD132 Wired for Connection and Co-Regulation


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Did you know that both you and your dog are wired for connection? It’s almost as though your relationship with your dog was written in the stars!

However, you might not realize that there are things you could be doing that consciously or unconsciously disconnect you from your dog. The things that weaken your connection with your dog can lead to your dog becoming over-aroused, anxious, or even reactive.

So, how can you become more aware of your actions and behavior to avoid weakening your connection with your dog?

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy talks about how dogs and humans are both wired for connection and co-regulation. She also shares some golden nuggets to help your dog feel safe, calm, and happy, so that you can continue to build trust and develop a brilliant partnership lifestyle together.

In this episode:

  • How to create a circle of safety and trust with your dog
  • How dogs and humans are wired for connection
  • How the autonomic nervous system acts as our personal surveillance system
  • The importance of co-regulation
  • How to make your dog feel safe, calm, and happy
  • How to build a strong connection with your dog

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“We have systems in place that support connection, which is what helps us to feel safe.”

“Humans and dogs are literally wired to connect, and our hearts lead the way to facilitate that connection by sending signals.”

“You and your dog are biologically searching for a connection”

“Co-regulation is a biological imperative, and essential to survival.”

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