EBD136 The Struggle Is Real


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If you’re struggling with your dog, you’re not alone. We all have good days and bad days with our dogs. Sometimes, our dogs wear invisible halos and act like angels for the entire day. Other times, our dogs turn into rebels who would rather do their own thing than listen to our commands.

Experiencing life with a dog comes with its ups and downs. There is a lot of joy, fun, and adventure that comes with sharing your life with a dog. On the other hand, there can be struggles and challenges too. In those moments, it can feel like your dog has turned into a problem child, and you’re left feeling exhausted and frustrated.

However, all of those struggles you experience with your dog can help you both to grow closer as brilliant partners. Kathy believes that all of the experiences (both the good and bad) she has shared with her dogs have helped make her a better person. This is something that she talks about further in this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, where you’ll hear how Kathy and her Border Collie Luke grew together as partners. You’ll also find out how you can work on turning struggles into triumphs so that you can enjoy every single moment of life with your dog!

In this episode:

  • Why it’s important to acquire profound knowledge and understanding about your dog
  • How Luke and Kathy became brilliant partners
  • 5 tips to help you build a brilliant partnership with your dog

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“Both partners get to shine as their brilliant selves, while they shine together in partnership”

“We're learning how to be partners together as partners”

“I'm both humbled and proud of our accomplishment as partners”

“He was a dog that I had dreamed of before he was even born”

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