EBD143 Are Your Thoughts Sabotaging Your Progress?


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Are your thoughts getting in the way of you living a safe, calm, and happy life with your dog?

Without realizing it, your thoughts around safe, calm, and happy, could be the very thing that stifles your progress! Whenever you try to make real change happen in your life (even if it’s positive change), your primitive brain often steps in and makes you question everything.

So, what can you do about it? And, how can you override your primitive brain so that it stops getting in the way of your progress with your dog?

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy talks about how your thoughts around the safe, calm, and happy principle can impact your progress. She also digs deeper into human nature and reveals how you can override the primitive brain’s resistance to change so that it stops getting in the way of you and your dog’s progress towards a loving partnership!

In this episode:

  • Understanding that you are in control of your thoughts
  • How the primitive brain sabotages your progress
  • How to override the primitive brain and start making positive change in your life
  • Assignments to help you and your dog live a safe, calm and happy life

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“The more impatient you are to fix your dog's unwanted behaviour, the longer it will take.”

“You have the power to assign a particular executive task to your executive brain, and then follow through on the ideas that come out of that.”

“Your primitive brain does not design your life. Your primitive brain keeps your life exactly the same.”

“You are the observer of your thoughts…and you have the ability to filter your thoughts.”

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