EBD144 The Difference Between Invitation and Expectation and Why It Matters


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When you share a partnership lifestyle with your dog, you invite them to be a part of, or join in with, things that you do. But, when you extend an invitation to your dog, are you considering what your expectations are?

Sharing a partnership lifestyle with your dog starts with offering invitations to connect and engage. Invitations are a brilliant way to open up space and bond. However, it’s important to understand how to extend an invitation to your dog and what role your expectations have in working towards a successful partnership.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy discusses why your expectations and intentions behind the invitations matter. She also dives into why it’s important to make space for a two-way dialogue to create a genuine, authentic connection.

In this episode:

  • What it means to invite your dog to connect with you
  • Why your intention and expectations are key parts of a brilliant partnership
  • How to extend an open-hearted invitation that your dog will love to accept!

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“The very act of inviting opens the pathway to connection.”

“Extending an invitation to our dog fulfills that deep social need to belong, bond, and to be a part of a family group.”

“Having an open-hearted expectation means that we are respectful and honoring of our dogs’ feelings, thoughts, and circumstances.”

“Any invitation’s intention is an act of sharing love.”

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