EBD149 The Right Way to Socialize Your Dog or Puppy


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Socializing your dog can be tricky business! Especially when there are so many theories of how it should be done. However, some methods might not be right for your dog and may do more harm than good to your partnership.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares the three common socialization myths that you should be aware of. She explains why attempting to socialize your dog in any of these ways could be a mistake. Kathy also reveals how you should approach socializing your dog to build trust, confidence, and resilience.

Whether you’re socializing your puppy for the first time or are working towards a stronger partnership with an older dog, this episode shares some amazing socializing insights!

In this episode:

  • Why not all socialization methods are beneficial to developing your dog’s social skills
  • How to approach socialization for your dog
  • The three common socialization myths to look out for
  • How to honor your dog and their right to choose
  • What other factors may influence your dog’s way of socializing

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Letting your dog have the freedom to choose if they want to get involved will lead to greater trust, greater confidence, and greater resiliency.”

“Honor your dogs by not putting them into circumstances that make them uncomfortable, nervous, and are unnatural for them.”

Positive and proper socialization happens when we honor our dog’s breed, character, emotions, and don't discount or try to distract from their emotions.”

“Positive, safe, calm, and happy experiences create positive associations with new experiences.”

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