EBD153 Balancing Emotions with Flower Essences


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When your emotional pathway is clear and balanced, you’re primed for connecting and co-regulating with your dog. But finding balance isn’t always easy. So, what tools can you use to help restore emotional balance in your partnership?

In this Enlightened By Dogs episode, Kathy shares how you can use flower essences to find balance when you’re experiencing mental, emotional, or spiritual unease.

These flower essences are simple and safe to use and can be an effective remedy in times of need. Using these to bring you and your dog back to balance sets the stage for successful co-regulation, as you help each other navigate life as the responsible, loving leader.

In this episode:

  • What are flower essences?
  • The different flower essence systems, and why Kathy prefers the Bach remedies
  • How to use the flower essences and their remedies
  • Choosing flower essences for you and your dog

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“When we are more balanced emotionally, that sets the stage for us to be a leader.”

“Essences focus on the root, emotional causes and help bring that back to balance.”

“That's the beauty of flower essences – they're very, very safe.”

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