EBD147 What Personality Traits Trigger Your Dog's Behavior?


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One of the most common mistakes that dog moms make is fundamentally misunderstanding their dog's behavior. Your dog has an innate personality and unique needs. When these get misinterpreted, it can lead to your dog responding in a negative way.

A misunderstood dog can be very difficult to live with. They may show anxious, defensive, or withdrawn behaviors like guard-barking or being on excessive alert. They can become worried about leaving you, suspicious of strangers, or shut down when they face pressure. A misunderstood dog’s behavior can feel very extreme, but there are some practical steps that you can take to avoid these difficulties and restore peace and calm.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy helps you gain clarity about your dog’s personality. She reveals the five different personality profile types and explains how your dog prefers to communicate their personality through their behavior. She also shares how understanding and accepting your dog’s personality can lead to a happier partnership.

In this episode:

  • Why understanding your dog’s personality is key to a calm and peaceful relationship
  • The typical behaviors of a misunderstood dog
  • The five personality types and what their traits are
  • How understanding your dog’s behavior can restore balance

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“When dogs are misunderstood, they can become defensive, anxious, intolerant, agitated, worried, overprotective, withdrawn, impatient, timid, fearful, or suspicious.”

“Behavior is communication. A dog who feels unheard can quickly escalate from a whisper, to a scream.”

“Understanding how your dog's personality affects their behavior begins by answering the question, ‘what is your dog's personality profile type?’”

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