Enterprise Sales Development with Eric Nowoslawski


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In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Eric Nowoslawski, founder of Growth Engine X, an advisor for Gated and a brand ambassador for HYPCCCYCL. He gives a deep dive into LinkedIn through a few different lenses. He shares his tips and hacks on how to use LinkedIn for sales. He also discusses how he builds trust effectively and quickly in his communications and how he uses the boomer method.

  • His experiences in bringing outbound programs to life for clients
  • Community building: what it means to him, how individuals can start and how companies can build communities too
  • How he builds trust effectively and quickly in his communications
  • Eric’s thoughts on Facebook as an outreach channel
  • His advice for SDR managers on how to scale their team and SDRs who feel constrained with messaging
  • The boomer method on LinkedIn

  • “I never carry cards with me, because I say, ‘No, I’ll just text you.’” -Eric Nowoslawski [17:44]
  • “Having kind of this 50% sureness, but then stuffing it full of data is such a great way to build trust, because you’re not just coming in there swinging.” -Eric Nowoslawski [21:28]
  • “If somebody has joined some kind of Facebook group, they are interested in that thing, whatever it might be. They are interested in whatever it is.” -Eric Nowoslawski [27:44]
  • “Embrace the technology as much as possible. It goes such a long way.” -Eric Nowoslawski [36:58]
  • “LinkedIn has such great targeting that you can’t get some of this targeting anywhere else, some of the things that they’ll let you know. And some people don’t even realize some of the best things.” -Eric Nowoslawski [39:12]

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:30] Meet Eric Nowoslawski
  • [01:38] Bringing outbound programs to life for clients
  • [06:17] His biggest takeaways
  • [08:54] Growth Engine X and community building
  • [16:42] Building trust effectively and quickly
  • [23:35] Breakup emails
  • [26:53] Facebook as an outreach channel
  • [31:59] It always comes back to probability
  • [33:56] Advice for scaling a team
  • [38:33] The boomer method
  • [45:09] Advice for SDRs who feel stuck
  • [54:42] LinkedIn hacks
  • [1:08:01] How to contact Eric



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