Enterprise Sales Development with Jed Mahrle


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In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Jed Mahrle, Global Manager of Outbound Sales Development at PandaDoc. Jed talks about his journey and the lessons he’s learned from being the youngest SDR hire at PandaDoc to his current role. He shares insights on which metrics for sales leaders to focus on and the three things he specifically looks for. He also discusses how he bridges communication with inbound, outbound and marketing.

  • How Jed’s parents’ upbringing inspired his entrepreneur spirit
  • His journey from starting as the youngest SDR hire at PandaDoc to his current position as Global Manager of of Outbound Sales Development
  • How he lead leaders
  • Successful ways to form relationships with SDRs and AEs
  • The three things Jed looks in metrics
  • The feedback loop with inbound, outbound and marketing

  • “If you can’t identify during the interview process what are they motivated by, what’s that next step and how can I motivate this person, then I try to stay away from that. I rather have somebody who’s really hungry and really motivated, because if I believe in myself as a leader and the process that I built out, I know I can train them in the right way.” -Jed Mahrle [05:14]
  • “I think those first three months in your first SDR role should really be about putting in the activity as much as possible, so you can kind of learn the things you don’t know because of that lack of experience.” -Jed Mahrle [08:07]
  • “There needs to be at least weekly meetings between the SDRs and AEs in my opinion.” -Jed Mahrle [14:43]
  • “I think it works best when you align SDRs to specific verticals.” -Jed Mahrle [22:41]
  • “The most valuable information for your messaging is going to come from your customers.” -Jed Mahrle [24:45]

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:31] Meet Jed Mahrle
  • [01:57] His start at PandaDoc
  • [04:33] The hiring process
  • [07:24] Jed’s progression path
  • [08:51] Leading his team and leaders
  • [17:37] What metrics are meaningful
  • [20:13] Differentiating skill sets for SDRs and leaders
  • [21:33] PandaDoc’s ideal customer profile
  • [25:07] Combining inbound, outbound and marketing
  • [29:54] How Jed pays it forward
  • [33:05] Where he sees the SDR role moving forward
  • [35:00] Email skills and use cases
  • [39:33] How to contact Jed



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